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Another Beautiful Grandson to Love

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Not paper related!

I was in two minds whether to post this here or my other Blog, this one won out as this is mainly where I share my creative stuff. It has been AGES since I have done anything crafty much that didn't involve paper and card. I cut these jumpers/sweatshirts out last Easter (as in 2009) and it has taken 12 months for me to get around to finally putting them together.

Doesn't Gary look very commanding.... or daft! depending on your thoughts LOL

This is the jumper for Nicholas. He has grown so much in 12 months that I added bands on the sleeves and the body to take this into account. He isn't here at the moment so I had to use his school jumper as a pattern for length so hopefully this will be perfect with some growing room!

Wondering on the choice of fabric.... they are constructed from Polar Fleece and the pattern chosen by my bug-mad son! I bought enough to make Nicholas a jumper and a blanket, but Gary decided he wanted a jumper to match, so no blanket ! LOL

Can't wait to see the looks as they wear these out of the house. I made Gary a jumper a few years ago with brightly coloured cats all over it, and he wore it everywhere. He received many raised eyebrows LOL

Have a great day wherever you are!