A Beautiful Princess to join the family

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and Another beautiful boy

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Another gorgeous grandson to love

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Another Beautiful Grandson to Love

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Lachlan James Hastings Hosking has arrived!

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Third and last installment for "Citrus Flower"

Last installment for "Citrus Flower" today. I will miss this kit, I think it is one of my favourites although not my usual choice of colours! Everytime I check my Blog, it makes me smile as it seems so happy, bright and summery! I hope it has this effect on you as well and makes you smile as you use it!

Link to download Part Three HERE Link removed. Password if required is "tart" without the quotes! Thanks to those of you that consistently leave a comment when you download, I loved reading your comments Lisa, it is nice to know you have unzipped the file LOL

Please leave a comment if you download, your thanks keeps me enthused!

Have a great day wherever you are!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Next installment for "Citrus Flower"

just a quick pop in as we are off our to pay bills today!

Link to download Part Two HERE Link removed. Password should it be required is "tart" without the quotes. Please leave a comment if you download and a huge thanks to all that do!! I love reading that you like my work :)

Have a great day wherever you are!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New freebie!! Citrus Flower

At the very the last minute, true to form, I decided to create kit for the Digital Scrap Garden Colour Challenge for July! The colour theme was Yellow, and I thought when I was creating it, it was primarily Yellow.... but looking at my preview, it seems more orange and lime!!

still.... I am happy with the way it turned out anyway! LOL

Link to download Part One HERE Link removed. Password should it be required is "tart" LOL (without the quotes). Please come back over the next few days to collect the remaining parts!

Please leave a comment if you download as I really appreciate them all!

Have a great day wherever you are!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Freebie links coming down...

today!! The links for "Garden Follies" and "My Garden" will be removed at the end of today.... so if you haven't downloaded them already..... get 'em now!

Notice the new ticker at the top of the page.... I have wanted to find something for a while to follow R's pregnancy and Sharon from RSMobleys Designs has just put one up on her Blog announcing her new Grandchild's impending birth, so now I have one. In fact... head over to Sharon's Blog as she has a freebie available if you become a Follower .... very cute too!

have a great day wherever you are! and don't forget to grab those freebies before they are gone!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Template freebie

hey there Strangers :) thought I might try a different sort of Freebie for a while..... Templates! These are great tools to use for scrapbooking and cardmaking. You can use them digitally and just clip your papers to the different layers, or print out the sketch and use it as a guide for making your own layout in paper and card. Templates and sketches are only meant to be a guide and there are no laws that you must stick to the template format... use it as a springboard and make it your own.

I have been helping out at the Paperthreads Card Challenge for a couple of months and had the chance to create some Card templates. As a bonus, not only are the PSD files included for the sketch but also some cutter files!

Link to download Card Template 1 HERE . Password if required is "postage" without the quotes. Zip file includes PSD file and KNK file for KNK cutters! Please come back and leave a comment if you download, I really appreciate them all!

Wondering about my life at the moment ?? Our mechanic has advised us that we are pouring too much money into the Ford and that we need to look at another vehicle. We have decided to try and save some money til December and see where we are then and what is around :)

We found someone locally to deliver some wood for $120AUS for a ute load. It is great stuff, heavy as lead and burns really well.... when it gets going... the trick is to try and get it going LOL

Still waiting on the part for the chainsaw, could be another 2 weeks arrrgggggggg!!

Gary fixed the dryer so I can dry our washing which is great! and the little car is going well :) the police are on the job of pursuing our stolen property, but I don't hold out hopes :( A hard lesson for Nicholas as well which pains me.

Have a great day wherever you are!

Monday, July 12, 2010

2nd installment for My Garden kit

Just a quick one today as I have a friend staying and not much time on the computer :)
Link to download Part Two HERE Link removed. Password if required is "gemstone" without the formatting. Thankyou to those of you that have left a comment, please continue to do so, I appreciate them all.
Have a great day wherever you are!

Friday, July 9, 2010

New freebie.... YAY!!

About time I hear you say..... and you would be right ! so here it is.... My Garden is a beautifully pastel coloured kit perfect for those softer moments outside in your garden. It even has a couple of fairies in it, just in case yours won't come out to play from the bottom of your garden. Enjoy!

Link to download Part One HERE Link removed. Password if required is "gemstone" without the formatting. Please come back and leave a comment if you download, I love reading your thoughts and comments.

Have a great day wherever you are!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What else could possibly go wrong!

I am fed up and probably shouldn't be posting on my Blog as this is supposed to be my "Happy Place" and certainly one where you guys don't want to read about my dramas.... but I feel the need to get it down on paper... so to speak.... and so you are the lucky ones that get the news.

We seem to be having a very bad run at the moment. A few weeks ago our VHS/DVD player broke down. We managed to replace it, but had to return the new one the next day as it didn't work. now the replacement seems to be working, except that after a couple of hours of recording stuff of the TV, the sound goes and we watch the rest of the program in silence. Then the belt on the Dryer broke, right in the middle of a load of washing naturally!

Nicholas had a friend over for the weekend a week ago and they discovered that the remote on the TV in the Games room wasn't working and this meant they couldn't play the Playstation as the TV has no AV selector on it. Not a huge drama, but one more thing. Then after this friend had left, we discovered that we had "lost" a few things. A couple of mobile phones, headphones and then Gary also discovered that his USB thumb drive was missing.... with all his backups of his Bookkeeping study that he had been doing all year! Of course Gary was fuming!! This has been a headache as Nicholas has had to accept that his friend is no friend at all, and Gary spent the week going to and from this teenagers house trying to get him to return the stuff he took. Finally Nicholas got word through another friend that this boy had "found" his mobile phone at the bottom of his bag. Nicholas now wants the whole matter dropped as we had by this time threatened with the Police. I can understand that N is worried about his standing with his friends, after all, ones friends are very important, but this is a hard lesson in some people do not deserve your friendship. We are worried about bullying at school when we aren't around, but fortunately we have just started two weeks of school holidays so it will be some time before he sees this boy again and we will be in touch with the school so they will keep an eye on him. We filed a Police report on Monday afternoon and the Policeman let us know that he knew the family really well. He spoke to the boy and got Nicholas's phone back and is going to formally interview him on Thursday, so we will see what happens from that. Silly child.... surely he must realise that "finding" the phone just confirms that he took it in the first place! Just backs up our claims that he is a thief! and the policeman wants to make the complaint we made formal as he is fed up with this child as well.

Then..... could it get worse you ask..... OH YES!! of course if you have been reading my Blog you will know that the car blew up! The mechanic has labelled it "Terminal" and not worth the money to fix it.... we now have to convince him it may not be worth it to him, but as a couple surviving on disability support payments, we don't have a choice ...... we cannot get a loan to buy another 4WD nor could we afford the repayments, so we need to fix the one we already have.

Then Gary went to cut some firewood on the weekend (it is freezing here -5C most nights) and the chainsaw stopped working. Apparently it has some part that pumps oil to the chain (which we had only just replaced the day before) and this part had stripped off some teeth and no longer pumped as it should. G rang the place he had bought the new chain from, and was basically told the chainsaw was crap! sorry folks! So now we need a new chainsaw.... only another $500 to replace it!

so... is there any good news you ask.....

Fortunately, we had a little sedan that one of my daughter gave to us some months ago as it was unregistered, needed work and was clogging up her driveway. Gary flew to Adelaide in Feb to collect it and it has been sitting in the yard ever since as we couldn't afford to get it registered here in NSW. I managed to rearranged some bills and not pay others LOL so we could get the car registered. Of course it needed new brake lines and G neglected to clear it with the Mechanic that we pay in a fortnight, so after the job was done and he didn't pay, he managed to really upset the woman (whose owns the shop with her Mechanic hubby) as they don't do accounts...... this is the mechanic that we need to keep happy so that he will work on our car! he managed to smooth that situation over a bit and drove to the next mechanic to get the registration check done. Unfortunately, not all mechanics in NSW can do rego checks, you need one that is approved to do a full check as this is the first time registered in NSW. Next time, it wont be so much of a headache, but that first rego is a pain as they go over the car with a fine tooth comb. This sedan is a 1986 car, so as you can imagine, it is not perfect and we were a little worried it wouldn't pass. However, it did pass and G headed off to pay $450 for the insurance we needed to have before it could be registered. That done, he headed for the Roads Transport Authority office to registered the car, transfer it from South Australia to New South Wales and get new plates for it. Simple you would think..... oh no!! ..... I had a form I had to fill out, a Stat Dec I had signed and witnessed, an email from my daughter transferring ownership, but not enough! They still wanted more. It took Gary an age to finally get approval from the "head honcho" to register the car, and only because they couldn't get hold of my daughter after trying a few times.

G took apart the chainsaw and contacted a few people and finally found someone that had the part we need and only for $57 . A lot cheaper than a new chainsaw and may get us out of trouble for this Winter anyway. Now we just have to wait for payday (another 2 weeks) to afford to get it. In the meantime, we are freezing here and trying not to use the small amount of wood we have already cut and not use the electricity as our next bill looks as though it will be over $1000.00 !!!!!!!!! already ( and this for 3 people for 3 months). But... at least we can get the part!

I managed to get to Sydney to attend my eldest daughter's Ultrasound for the new baby. Very exciting! but a little surreal! Strange to think my baby is having a baby... and after so many yrs of trying as well! Turns out that we are having a little boy ........ Lachlan James .......... and he wasn't being terribly co-operative LOL The machines are so amazing now, they can do a 3D image, but Lachlan would look at the camera LOL so it took the technician ages to get a pic where you could actually see him.

I am having my last day on the computer for a while as we have an Interstate visitor arriving tomorrow and she is here for the next two weeks. I hope she is prepared for the cold LOL

So.......... I will try to get a freebie up soon for you, please forgive me for not getting one organised, but if you have read this far...... I hope you can understand why!

have a great day wherever you are!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Yesterday the motor in our 4WD had the audacity to blow up! So now we are madly trying to get a little old sedan we have registered so we at least can get Nicholas to and from the school bus. We live 15kms away from the bus stop and 35kms away from the school and 80kms away from the nearest Woolies..... this is not good!

as I am too stressed to think I am sorry to say there is no freebie at the moment. Just wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten you all!

Have a great day wherever you are!