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Another Beautiful Grandson to Love

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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Freebie for DSG Feb09 CC

I finally got around to finishing a submission for the Colour Challenge at Digital Scrap Garden. I only managed a Paper Pack this month, but I am hoping to add Elements to it later on, so keep checking :)

Sorry links no longer available

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Password to download is "flower" . Please leave a comment if you download, I really appreciate them. If you click on the Paper Pack Preview, it will take you to my Gallery posting where you can also leave a comment. Thanks!

Have a great day wherever you are!

Friday, February 27, 2009

new Freebie

Hi there, I have a new freebie for you to add to your Nice'N'Icy collection. When I designed the kit in the first place I used snowflakes as the flowers, but when I was playing with it and making the album quickpages, I found that I also wanted flowers to use. So this mini addition was created. This download includes 12 flowers to add to the original kit to give you even more decorating options for your pages. I hope you like them.

Sorry link no longer available

Link to download Flowers here

Password to download is "penquin" and yes I do know that isn't how you spell penguin!

Have a great day wherever you are!

Monday, February 23, 2009

New freebie Template #5

I have just going back through the Blog and I noticed I have been a little remiss in offering a new freebie Template for you all. So.... here 'tis

Link to download PSD format here Sorry links removed
Link to download PNG format here
Password to download is "create" without the quotes.
Have a great day wherever you are!! and please leave a comment if you download!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New layouts as Chris's CT

I have also finished a couple of layouts for Chris over at Visual Designs By Chris using her "Cars and Trucks Jumble" file.

These are some pics of my Daycare children (when I used to do daycare) playing with cars and trucks. The jumble file just worked really well as a mat behind my main photo. This layout is paper. I also got to play with my cuttlebug, and used it to cut out the flowers I used.

This layout was completed digitally. I used PSCS3 for this one. I had previously designed the quickpage and the papers I used, and the little cars and trucks were all included in Chris's jumble file. These are also pics of daycare children riding on the go-kart with my son, Nicholas.

This file was great to use, both physically and digitally. And absolutely perfect for "Boys and their Toys" layouts!

Chris is also running a challenge on her Blog where you can get a heap of files for free for signing up and then you have to use at least one of them in a layout and email her the result (once on her Blog, scroll down for details). I used a windmill and a star frame file out of the selection. This is the result

Although this layout was created in paper and card, I did use my computer to de-saturate the main photo and print it out on my card. I also used my computer to print out my photos!

Thanks for looking,

Have a great day wherever you are!

New addition to an old freebie

Remember my "Nice'N'Icy" kit? Well some time ago I also created a quickpage album using this kit. So here it is for you. I hope you like it.

Sorry links removed

Link to download Part One here

Link to download Part Two here

Password to download is "penquin" and yes, it is a "q" ! :) Please leave a comment if you download, I appreciate them all.

I have spent the few days hanging about at the Paperthreads Forum . This is a site, like Visual Designs by Chris where I am a CT, dedicated to providing quality files for personal cutter machines, such as KNK, Craft Robo, Wishblade and Pazzles etc. They had a Customer Appreciation Day on Monday with a huge sale on in the Store but also lots of special challenges being run over at the Forum. Although they always have a few challenges on for each month, these were extras that were put on specially for the day and you only had the day in which to complete them. So, of course, I signed on for as many challenges as I thought I could achieve in one day, and some more to add to the fun!

I made some cards for the challenges, a layout, and even a cute Easter basket. I had a ball. but the pressure was on and it was exhausting :) However, it paid off! I won several files donated by different Designers in the Store and even a one-off membership to Sam and Hailey's Quarterly Membership Club! I am so excited, I haven't won this many things ever!!

I am so very lucky, by being a member of Chris's CT over at Visual Designs By Chris, I get access to some fantastic files to play with, and now, I have won some more! Just made my day :)

Thought I would share with you some of the stuff I made...

Thanks for looking at my creations, and don't forget, if you download the freebie, please leave a comment. I just luv 'em!

Have a great day wherever you are!

Friday, February 13, 2009

New freebie for Color Challenge at TSG

This cooler weather has done wonders for my creativity :) now, if only I could stop my neck and shoulders from killing me, I would be in scrapbooking heaven LOL

However, the weather has worked in your favour as I have created another freebie kit for you all to enjoy.... and you will enjoy it .... got that!! LOL

I must admit I was stumped when the palette went up at The Scrapping Garden. I couldn't think of anything that it suggested to me, and I do like to have some idea where I'm heading when I start designing something. So I decided I would just make a paper selection and forget about the elements. And I did! but when I had finished the papers, they looked so lonely in the preview, I was compelled to rethink my theme and come up with something. After chatting with my DH, Gary, we started coming up with flowers, but there were no flowers in my papers at all..... then it hit me, the colours reminded me of weeds, in particular the thistle. Gary hopped online to check out pics and came back with the Scotch Thistle and this unforgettable name "Thistle Doo". It was perfect, and now I had a theme to create some elements around.

I searched the Internet for gardening tools and took a few pictures of our gardening tools, and was able to get some nice additions to the kit. I then decided to fill it with lots of different sorts of flowers and vines and so on. I am very happy with the way it turned out in the end, I hope you feel the same way.

As it started life as a paper only kit, there are 16 papers to choose from. As it grew into a full sized kit, 36 elements accompanied those papers!

I hope you enjoy using this as much as I enjoyed putting it together, and don't forget, if you make a layout, please email to cazpamATgmail.com so that I can show it off.

Links to download: Sorry links no longer available

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Password to download is "scotch" without the quotes.... and this as in "Thistle" not as in "Drink" LOL

have a great day wherever you are!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New submission for Colour Challenge at CLD - Feb09

It has finally cooled down here enough to feel like working in the computer. We have had well over two weeks of temperatures over 40C and it has been terrible. Now, we are getting all the smoke haze from Victoria, and, as it is pretty thick here, I can only begin to imagine how terrible it must be for those right in the heart of all this trauma.

I finally finished my mini kit for the latest colour challenge at ColorLine Design. I have called it "Loved" and it is a very similar colour scheme to our Collab "Only Time" (still available, scroll down for info and links).

Links to download here

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Password to download is "beloved" without the quotes. Please leave a comment if you download as it does encourage me to keep on creating freebies for you.

I have also created a layout using Kellie Puddy's "A Little Bird Told Me" available here at CLD.

This is a lovely kit, full of soft colours and unusual elements, all of which are gorgeous!

These are a couple of pics of areas in my huge, but very wild, garden.

have a great day wherever you are.....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How to retain that torn edge on your paper

I was asked this in the comment section and I replied there, but then I thought that I would post instructions here, so that if anyone else is wondering..... How to retain that torn edge on your paper .... now you will know :)

Well I just did it two ways. First off I brought in a paper to cover the "torn paper" layer of the template. Then, using the "magic wand" I selected the torn paper layer, then went to "Select, Inverse" and then clicked on my coloured paper layer and hit "delete" on the keyboard. This gave me a coloured paper, and a white tear. You then need to merge the two layers together by using "CTRL" and clicking on both layers in the Layers palette. Then press "CTRL" and "E" on your keyboard to merge the two layers together. This will give a torn edge to your paper. The second method is almost the same, although this time you make your paper that you drag on top of the "torn paper" layer as an "overlay" and then right click on your paper and select "create clipping mask". This will give you a torn edge to your paper that is a lighter shade of your paper.

Hope this helps, and that you come back and read it after all this typing I am doing LOL

If you are still having problems, then leave a comment and I will see if I can help you further.

Have a great day wherever you are.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

New freebies for you

Hi there, firstly thanks for all the comments guys, both on 4Shared and here on the Blog, I really appreciate them!

Another week ends and so a new Template freebie for you. We are up to Template 4 and instead of making a layout to show you, I have created a freebie quickpage using my part of our HUGE collab.... "Only Time". I hope you like them both,

Sorry links no longer available

Link to download PSD file here

Link to download PNG file here

Password is "create" without the quotes!

Sorry link no longer available

Link to download Quickpage here

Password to download is "sweetness" without the quotes.

Almost forgot..... head over to Pam's Blog, 'cos my GF has been at it again, and has created a fantastic freebie kit for the TSG Colour Challenge!!

have a great day wherever you are!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New layouts

I have been really busy making layouts for my various CT positons. I have two layouts finished for Chris Durnan. I wanted to try out my new KNK Maxx cutter so I actually made a paper layout! I also made a digital layout using the same "Bracket Jumble with Bubbles" that I used for the paper layout, but added some extra files that Chris had made available to those taking part in the February Sketch Challenge at the Forum.

The bubbles in the paper layout are actually the waste from cutting out the bubble mat :)

I have used a kit I designed here called "Powder Puff" as well the Bubble Jumble which I applied a PS style to.

I have also made a quickpage for an Quickpage Exchange Challenge over at CLD. If you reply to the Thread by the 20th Feb, you will get a mini kit to work with from Chris Young Designs. Then of course, you get all the quickpages made by everyone else by making one yourself. A great way to make a quick album!

This next one is a layout created using Chris Young's "Jolly Christmas" and a template by Kellie Purdy for the Feb'09 Template1 Challenge at CLD.

These are some pictures of some of my children decorating the tree last year

Thanks for looking. Have a great day wherever you are !

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Collab freebie - "Only Time"

I would say we've made you wait long enough for our brand new collab kit called Only Time. It's named after a song that Enya sings and it's really, really beautiful. It's all about love and that just brings thoughts of Valentine's Day. So without further ado, here are the previews of Only Time. The first preview is by Barb, a friend of Pam and mine. We all had somewhat unsuccessful careers as site CT's but have become fast friends. The next preview is Pam's part and the last preview is mine. I am blown away by the Kits that Barb and Pam have created for this Collab, I am going to have to watch myself, 'cos I think my days as the only Designer amongst the three of us are well and truly over!!

You will have to head over to Pam's Blog to get her part and Barb's but the links for mine as below the previews. Please leave a comment if you download!

Sorry links no longer available
Link to download Part One

Link to download Part Two

Link to download Part Three

Link to download Part Four

Password to download is "sweetness" without the quotes!
Enjoy this gorgeous and HUGE Collab from the three of us, and you can look forward to more as we all enjoy working together on projects!
Have a great day wherever you are!

New Freebie Template #3

I have a couple of freebies for you today, but first you have to read my moaning :)

Well, we have had the most frustrating three days!! We are in the process of trying to change our car registration from South Australia to New South Wales. NSW is very strict on car regos. You have to take the car to a mechanic that can do a rego check and they go over the car with a fine tooth comb making sure it is road worthy and okay to register in this State. South Australia is not nearly so fussy, so long as you pay the rego every time it is due; they don’t really care what state (as in, condition) the car is in LOL

I should be grateful I guess as it is this State's way of trying to reduce the number of unroadworthy cars on the road but it had turned into a nightmare for us. I swear this car we have hates us! It has been nothing but trouble since we bought it. We had to make a trip into Orange (75kms away) to see a mechanic as the one we use locally (35kms away) cannot to this first rego check... called a "Blue Slip". The car was booked in a 9am weeks ago and told it would take about 1-1/2hrs. Then when we showed up, we were told there were several people in front of us and it would take 2 1/2 hrs. I had another CT scan booked for 11:30am so we thought we would just make it. We wandered around killing time for a while and then went back to the mechanic at 11am. Just as well, I had to get them to drive me to the Hospital so I didn’t miss my appt and Gary didn’t show up to pick me up till after 12:30pm and he was not a happy man! The mechanics had been at the car for over three hours and they hadn’t done a single thing as they couldn’t find or confirm the engine number against the registration papers we had from South Australia. 3 hours and nothing!! and we had to take the car to the Crime Unit at Bathurst Police Station (another 1hour further away from us) to get it checked by the Police to make sure it wasn’t a stolen engine! NOT HAPPY!! As you can imagine.

So, Saturday morning, instead of having a well deserved sleep-in as Nicholas's Cricket was a "Bye", we had to get up and drive all the way to Bathurst (about 160kms away) for this Policeman to have a go at checking the car. He assured us that this check shouldn’t take more than an hour so, as we took Mollie with us (our 12 week old pup), we sat outside on the brick wall in whatever shade we could find. (All these days have been over 36C mind you). After a couple of hours, he came out and suggested we come and look at what he couldn’t find on the car. There were two of them looking and they couldn’t find the engine number anywhere…. #$%^& FORD, put things where no-one could ever find them!! Anyway, Gary helped them look and did find a partial number but it had been damaged. So now the Policeman had to go and check his computer and work with some chemical to see if they could bring up the number for him to confirm it for the next step in registering the car. But no!! Another hour passed and he couldn’t find any more information so now we have to apply to the RTA (regional transport authority) to get a new number which we then have to get stamped on the engine block. And it is a long number and the engine is covered with crap stuff, like pollution reducing stuff and so on, so there is barely a flat surface anywhere where they could put this #$%^& number…. And we are NOT HAPPY all over again. Both Gary and I are on disability pensions, so money is tight, as it is for most people I imagine, so all these major trips into Orange and so forth are really digging into our petrol allowance money, and now we have another trip back to Orange to get this number stamped on the engine block, and then to get the rego check done, and then…. possibly another trip in to fix the stuff they find is wrong to get it passed this rego check so that we can registered the blasted car in New South Wales…. Then we get twelve months off, before we have to check the next check done (a PINK slip this time) for the next yrs rego. We should’ve moved to Tasmania LOL

Anyway, enough moaning, here are a couple freebies for you as a reward for reading this far :)

Sorry links no longer available

Link to download PSD format here
Link to download PNG format here

Password to download is "create" without the quotes! Please leave a comment if you download.

Here is a layout created by bestest friend Pam, using Template Three and also my Rose Splendor kit.

And your second freebie... some time ago I created a kit for the Lyric Challenge and the Progressive Challenge at TSG. These challenges didnt have as many participants as we had hoped and so Pam has given me permission to post the rewards here as freebies for all. Today you get the Kit, but don't forget to check back later as there is an Album as well.

Sorry links no longer available

Link to download Part One here

Link to download Part Two here

Link to download part Three here

Password to download is "julieandrews"

Please leave a comment if you download. Thank you :)

Have a great day wherever you are! and I'm off..... it has taken me over three hours to get this post uploaded as we keep getting chucked off the Internet connection. Apparently, out ISP blames the heat! I'm not so sure, but I will stop nattering and get this posted before I get chucked off again!