A Beautiful Princess to join the family

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and Another beautiful boy

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Another gorgeous grandson to love

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Another Beautiful Grandson to Love

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Lachlan James Hastings Hosking has arrived!

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Countdown to...

A very good internet friend sent me some pics of some projects she has been busy creating using my "Countdown to" cutter files.

Sue created the top project as a Countdown to Valentines, but thinks it would make a great perpetual calendar as well, and I agree! love the colours :)

and this one is to countdown to the birthday of one of the most well loved boys in the country.... Sue's beautiful grandson! Sue did a great job and I love the final results. Thanks for using my files Sue!

Have a wonderful day wherever you are!


A very nice person just emailed me and let me know that another site

was giving away my scrap kits. Perhaps if you are a Designer you should also check out this site and make sure your work is not being made available without your knowledge. I mean to say.... I am giving them away, surely it isnt too much to ask that people get their freebies from the actual person that put all the work into the kit in the first place!!


Thanks for the support in the comments, I really appreciate it. My kits have now been removed and I have removed the link as I don't want to encourage people to download from this site. Very unfair to the Designers that put in all the hard work in the first place.