A Beautiful Princess to join the family

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and Another beautiful boy

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Another gorgeous grandson to love

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Another Beautiful Grandson to Love

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Lachlan James Hastings Hosking has arrived!

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Monday, January 30, 2017

WOW! I have really neglected my Blog.

I have really neglected my Blog, I really must make more of an effort to keep it updated.

I now have five beautiful Grandchildren, 4 Boys and 1 Girl.

Meet Skye, who is already 3 months old!. Lachlan and Ryan are her older brothers and the first boys to meet you all on my Blog.

Now we also have two more beautiful Grandsons, both of which have just turned one years old.

Logan turned one in January 2017. He is such a happy boy.

Meet Alexander. He turned one in November 2016. He is gorgeous! I often get to Facetime with him which is lovely. I don't get to see these boys as often as I would like as they live in Adelaide and I am in NSW.

Gary and I just celebrated our Tenth Wedding Anniversary in Tasmania in the park where we were married.

Same tree, same time (approx), same day..... 10 years later.

Coffee from the same place as ten years ago, although it is now a Bistro, whereas it was a bakery when we first went there.

We spent late December through to late January in Tassie for our major holiday last year. We rented a house in Gravelly Beach which was a lovely house although not suited to a long term stay, but more on that later.

Well, it is the first day back to school for the children and we have a flat battery, so I'm off to ring for the NRMA. I will be back with photos from our holiday, thanks for reading!

Have a great day!

Monday, March 31, 2014

More Sewing

and so to Sew.... I have being doing some more sewing in the last couple of weeks. I have made Lachlan some great pants. These have a folded rib knit waistband which I have never sewn before but I love the comfy feel of the waistband, so I have a couple more cut out for Ryan and another pair for him.

These are from Puperita on Etsy. I love her patterns, so easy to follow and the results are fantastic. She is also amazing to deal with. This pattern is her Nightfox pants sized 18mths to 10 years. These pants are a size 4. The fabric I used is a cotton I purchased from Bugaloo Basics . I also had enough fabric to make the boys some boxers (Steve and BJ) . For BJ I used Fishsticks Designs Boy Oh Boy Boxers. This is a fabulous pattern that goes from sizes 2 to 14yrs which is great. Not many Designers out there in PDF land go up as high a size as this. Steve's boxers came from Hey There Threads, an Australian Designer whose work I love. These were her Basics Collection and are the "short short relaxed fit" option. So many different options with this pattern I am sure I will use it a lot! .

Boy Oh Boy Boxers

Basics Collection Shorts

I can't help myself though, I do love sewing for girls, even if I don't actually have one to sew for. I have decided that my Patti Playpal dolls will be the best dressed dolls around. I love these more traditional style of dress patterns from Olabelhe. My girls wore a lot of dresses and pinafores when they were little and these dresses make me very nostalgic. This pattern is Meg's Dress and Pinafore . It was an easy sew. The biggest issue I had was trying to sew the pinafore and the dress at the same time without reading the instructions properly, my fault entirely, as I topstitched the Pinafore bodice before actually noticing that I hadn't sewn the yoke together on the wrong side properly. So I decided that rather than unpick all that stitching, I had enough fabric left to make a new yoke and do it again, only the right way this time. :)

The bodice of the dress and the pinafore.

Dress and Pinafore front view

Side view

The one thing I would change when sewing this pattern out again is I would leave off the buttons on the pinafore. Both items have 3 buttons on them, although I ran out of room to have the third button on the pinafore once I have sewn on the skirt. The button on the pinafore are unnecessary as it is an open pinny and can be dropped over the child's head without the need to undo buttons. Buttons on both pieces does make for a bulkier back yoke.

Well, I think that's all for now.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How Time Flies :)

Seems like it wasn't that long ago when I last posted here, I come for a visit and see that  months have passed, and not just one or two either.

I have been busy though. We have a new grandson to love and spoil. Ryan arrived on the 30th October and is already 4 months old... where did that time go !! He is the spitting image of his older brother. In fact, Rebekah was showing Lachlan the album I made of his first year the other day and he insisted the pictures were of Ryan and not of himself as a baby. Funny! .

Love the picture of Ryan sleeping on me. Lachlan used to do the same thing when he was tiny. Ryan has so many funny expressions, he is really developing his own personality.

and don't you just love those pics with his Mummy and Daddy.

I have been getting some sewing done. I did a Sew-A-Long with RabbitRabbitCreations with the Piccolo Dress. It is a knit or woven fabric dress with an organza overlay. I chose to create mine in a knit and in a size 12. 

It shall now reside in my cupboard until I find some poor unsuspecting 12 year old to try it on LOL

I also made a Create Kids Couture pattern, Noel, although I did make some changes. I used charm squares for my dress so it ended up slightly different than the pattern, but I love it!

First time making a sash, first time with gathering such an enormous ruffle! But I do love the end result.

Then at the end of November, Lachlan, and his friend Edie, celebrated their third birthdays. Amazing party. It was held in a gigantic gym full of trampolines, foam pits and other gym equipment. The kids had a lot of fun and, as you can see in the pics, so did some of the adults (that is Lachlan and Ryan's Daddy swimming through the foam pit) .

Hanging from a beam above one of the foam pits

Yummmmm! Chocolate cake!

Adorable boy!

THEN.... another huge experience.... we moved.... again!! We decided that we really needed more space than our present rental was giving us. We also had Nicholas and his girlfriend living in a caravan in the backyard as well, and so we needed an extra bathroom. So we started looking. We looked at a few places, til we found the right one. A lot of the houses we looked at were gorgeous, brand new or nearly so... but the one that won us over was the house that appeared lived in, A few marks on the carpet, bumps on the walls, chips in the melamine, that sort of thing. It had blue everywhere... blue and yellow kitchen, blue bathrooms, blue vertical drapes in the windows, but we loved it! One of the requirements for us was driveable access to the back yard for the caravan. It also needed an ensuite (LOVE this) and four bedrooms. This one had the added attraction of a double garage that you could access through the house. Perfect for Gary's trainset. We got the house on the 20th December, with Rebekah, Chris, the two boys and another daughter, Aimee, due for Christmas!! so... the madness began. we decided to try to move as much as we could before Christmas so that we would have enough bedrooms for everyone. Gary and I worked like mad! It was hot work as well but we managed it.

This is hard to share, but I feel that I need to get this down. Christmas Day was wonderful and awful all the same time. It began with ham and cheese croissants and pressies. By lunchtime, Nicholas's girlfriend had lost the plot and was screaming the place down. She had a lot of issues and temper control was just one of them. The police were called and in the end she was arrested and charged with assault... what a terrible way to spend Christmas. It really put a dampener on the day, which was a shame as we had worked so hard to make it special. What pains me the most is that Nicholas still sees her (she is no longer living with us, thank God!) and, as she is so not good for him, as his mother, it breaks my heart. She is a drug user as well and through his stupidity joining in, he lost his Apprenticeship as a Boiler Maker and is now unemployed. Gary and I are trying to be supportive but it is hard when I can see him making such poor decisions.

Back to the move. We had until January the 6th 2014 to be out of the old house, so after the madness of Christmas, we were back to the grind of moving. Gary and I did an amazing job I think, no help from the 18yo, thanks for nothing! ever noticed how much boys love to show off their muscles but are absolutely hopeless at using them! In the end, all done and in time. Sorting out the new place has taken a little while but we are getting there now.

Still sewing, I got to test a new pattern for Funky Friends Factory. The No Sock Sock Monkey. What a lot of fun it was. I made two, one for Lachlan and one for his friend Edie. Then Steve asked for one.... and so I made another one. I also ended up making a fourth, but more on the reason for that one in a minute.

Aren't they cute! Available to purchase so you can make your own little Monkey!

Then... a bit of a halt to the sewing as we were asked to care for another child. Enter BJ to our lives. He is almost a clone of Steve so, as you can imagine, our house is a lot noisier than it was before. Steve has enjoyed playing with another child always available and their imaginations have certainly been working overtime. I seem to spend everytime I am in the car listening to mad car chases and crashes LOL

BJ is only with us for a short period of time as he is going back to his birth mum at some stage.. However, we shall enjoy him whilst he is with us.

And then... more excitement... I got to test this amazing pattern by KidZMoments. I even named this pattern, so doubly great! The Abby Dress is a beautiful pattern and I absolutely adore the back details.

Here is the material I chose for my dress. I made size 3.

Making the bodice with the ruffles

Adding the lining to the bodice

The bodice almost completed. Turned through and now you can see the unique back details of this dress

A closer view of the back bodice

On my new mannequin from Raxs and Dollies (purchased through a fantastic deal on Boo Designs Facebook page) .

Back View

front view of button loops for side closure

back view of button loops

pocket detail, I used my Pleat Maker for making this detail and it worked perfectly!

Attaching the skirt. We were supposed to leave a split in the side seam matching the side where the opening in the bodice was. This was then to be topstitched down both sides of the seam. No prizes for guessing which side I left my opening, topstitched an' all! Exactly!! I had a lot of unpicking to do to correct that mistake. LOL

View of finished front

Finished back view.

I am really hoping to be lucky enough to test Catherine's next pattern, She was wonderful to work with.

Well, I think I have shared enough for one day. I really must get back here more often.

PS Links to the patterns I have sewn or tested are linked on some of the photos.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are!

Monday, October 28, 2013

More sewing!

Today I finished some shorts for Lachlan and Edie :) These are by Rabbit Rabbit Creations and called Weekender Pants. I am really happy with the way they turned out. I am also in the middle of finishing up a shirt for each of them to match. Pics to come when I have finished them.

Aren't they cute!

Thanks for looking.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are!

Monday, September 30, 2013

My First Peasant Dress

If you sew for girls at all maybe you would've have noticed all the Peasant Dress patterns around at the moment. I found this one on Create Kids Couture called Jewel's Stripwork Dress and I love it.

and here is my version in a 3T. This was such an easy pattern to sew, the hardest part was choosing my fabrics. This is a fat quarter friendly pattern, all the pieces came from a set of fat quarters that I have had in the cupboard for ages. The only thing I would change is next time I will make each strip longer, but I am still happy with it. Fabric is Molly's Garden by Cheryl Reinhard Jukich - Threadbare Pattern Company for Camelot Cottons, and I had to go through all my leftovers to find one that had the description on the selvage lol. 

and on my very obliging doll.

Great pattern and I will be making more.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are!