A Beautiful Princess to join the family

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and Another beautiful boy

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Another gorgeous grandson to love

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Another Beautiful Grandson to Love

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Lachlan James Hastings Hosking has arrived!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Last installment for Back To School kit

Last installment for this digital kit freebie! I am shattered so just a quick post. We have been spending up a storm today.... bought 11 fruit trees, so apparently we are set for life now with our choices.... just hope we get to see them bear fruit and our landlord doesn't suddenly decide he needs his mansion back ! This is highly unlikely any time soon, as we did ask him before making this huge investment as I didn't want to spend money on something others would benefit from and he said to go ahead! We also bought a new Breadmaker as our years old Sunbeam is not letting us get out the loaf without leaving a chunk behind in the pan. We have purchased a Breville Ikon BBM600, so will be back with a review after I tried it out. Rebekah is looking forward to our Sunbeam becoming a fixture in her kitchen, she doesn't even mind the chunk missing out of the bottom of the loaves! LOL

Link to download Part Three HERE Link removed . Password is "teacher" without the formatting. Please come back and leave a comment if you download, I do appreciate them all.

Have a great day wherever you are!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Next Installment of Back To School kit

Thanks to those that left comments on the freebie yesterday and also a huge thanks to those of you that enquired after my family. Here is the next installment for this kit.

Link to download Part Two HERE Link Removed . Password if required is "teacher" without the formatting. Please leave a comment if you download, I read and appreciate them all!

Have a wonderful day wherever you are!

Friday, August 19, 2011


I am hoping that this freebie is new to most of you that follow my Blog on a regular basis. I designed this kit some time ago to celebrate Back To School and over the next few days I will post all the links to download the kit as well as a couple of quickpages.

Link to download Part One HERE Link Removed . Password if required is "teacher" without the formatting. Please come back and leave a comment if you download and don't forget to come back and check for the next links for the kit. There are 3 parts that make up the kit and so far, 2 quickpages.

Here is a layout I have put together, for a challenge over at VDBC, using one of the quickpages and some elements from Chris's CD00595-1st to 3rd Grade cutter file, Chris's files available HERE .


Have a wonderful day wherever you are!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

so long since I have posted

but we have been amazingly busy...

just back from a 2 week rush trip to Adelaide to see my Dad, suddenly rushed to hospital seriously ill. Our foster son has also been keeping us on our toes and I just don't seem to get to the computer as much as I would like.

oh... and did I mention, the laptop threw a fit and I had to re-install all my stuff, and I am still finding programs I need and have yet to install. We also made a move from a cold side of the house to a warm side of the house, thanks to a recently installed second hand wood heater. All this has kept me very busy.....

but.... I promise to be back on track soon with a new freebie for you all.

have a wonderful day wherever you are!