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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Yesterday the motor in our 4WD had the audacity to blow up! So now we are madly trying to get a little old sedan we have registered so we at least can get Nicholas to and from the school bus. We live 15kms away from the bus stop and 35kms away from the school and 80kms away from the nearest Woolies..... this is not good!

as I am too stressed to think I am sorry to say there is no freebie at the moment. Just wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten you all!

Have a great day wherever you are!


Deanna said...

Oh no!!! vehicle troubles are the worst and always unexpected. Hope it gets worked out soon!

Keryn said...

Oh so sorry to hear of your car troubles. Hope you are back on the road soon. There is no need to apologise about not having any freebies. Take care. x x

FileKutz said...

Caz, I am sorry to hear about your car troubles, hope you are able to get it fixed with no troubles!! Wishing the best of Luck!

Sharon said...

Take Care Caz, Car issues are the worst for sure.


Joan said...

I hope your car problems are soon solved. They can be so frustrating. Don't worry about not having freebies for us.

Anonymous said...

This is not good news Caz, sorry to hear this - Hope you get the other car running/registered and it holds together for ya. Just got back from vacation, so Im catching up- will stop by later-hugs

bluebellesmom said...

Not good news at all, Caz. Hope you find a solution soon. Hugs!

Keryn said...

Just dropping by your blog to see how you are going. Hope you have had luck with your car.

How is winter treating you - bit cold here tonight.

Take care, Keryn

Anonymous said...

July 6th - Hope you are ok - and able to get the car fixed~!
SOunds like Winter has set in again too - keep warm!