Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Colour Challenge kit

I wanted to create a little kit quickly for a Colour Challenge that my BFF, Pam, is running over at "sKrap Happens" and this is what I came up with.

Link to download Part One HERE Faulty Link removed and reposted above!. Password if required is "scarecrow" without the quotes. Please leave a comment if you download as I really appreciate them. Your appreciation encourages me to keep creating!

Come back tomorrow for Part two and keep checking for the next installment in "Playtime".

Have a fantastic day wherever you are!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the great kit!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Freebie - LianeZ

Raindew2002 said...

Thank you, not sure if anybody else had a problem, I tried downloading a few times and 4 of the files say corrupt repeatedly while unzipping them.


LifeAsDinkers said...

Hi Caroline, thanks for the freebies! i got the same message about 4 files being corrupted, but i got 17 elements and 3 papers...am i missing anything else?

jzayler said...

I love your files! I can't believe you are so generous and give them away all the time!!! Thanks!

jzayler said...

I couldn't open the file either - I tried saving it twice and then I tried to "open" the download instead but that didn't work either. :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks again, got the 1st download no problem this time...and thanks for link 2 as well, beautifully done.