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Another Beautiful Grandson to Love

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Alpha Template Freebie

Hi all, hope you are enjoying your day. It has been bucketing down all day here as well as thunder and lightening. Didn't lose power this time though, so that was cool, as it meant I was able to get another Alpha Template up for you all. I thought we were getting to the hard letters now, but then I thought... no, "U" could be for "YOU", or umbrella, or unicorn (fantasy obviously, although, if you do spot one, please let me know LOL ), utterly (flabagasted, wornout, undecided etc), underwear (my DH's suggestion, naturally LOL). I also have a few more thoughts for the last few letters as well, but I'll save those for later :)

Link to download PSD format here

Link to download PNG format here

Password to download is "dibley" without the quotes!

1 comment:

Cassandra said...

Thanks very much! Heh. Underwear. I could do a page about my toddler not wanting to wear his. :)