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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Extra Goodies!!

I have the 2nd installment for Purple Haze today but I have also been working on another kit. Keep reading for more info :)

Link to download Part Two HERE Link removed. Password (yes, I remembered!) is "lavender" without the quotes. Please leave a comment if you download, I appreciate every one!

and now for something completely different..... I have never really tried to create a grungy more masculine kit and I hope that those of you looking for such a thing will love this new kit. "In Gear" has 10 papers grungy and textured and is full of metallic elements that I hope you will find useful.

Link to download Part One HERE Link removed. Password to download is "sprocket" without the quotes. Please leave a comment if you download, I would love to read your thoughts on this style..... what is missing?? As it is a Male themed kit, there are no flowers.... but would you like flowers?? These are all questions that keep me up nights... nah! just kidding, but I would appreciate your thoughts.

I have also created 4 quickpages from this kit, just to show myself it could be used LOL . These will be available to download after the kit links have been finished. However, just to show it isn't just a male themed kit, I have used one of the quickpages to show off a picture of my family and I really like the way it turned out. What do you think ?

Have a wonderful day wherever you are!


Christine said...

I love the look of your new kit. With a family of 5 boys I can see using those great elements in all kinds of layouts. As for flowers...no way! Can't wait to see the next part. Thank you so much for so generously sharing your creations.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Caz! Your kit is awesome. This will work perfect for my grunge gal! No flowers for me but I'd love to see what you are thinking. Thank you!!! Games

Mary EH! said...

I just discovered Purple Haze today! I'm loving it so far, thank you!!! :)

Lisa Avolio said...

Wow! Double downloads!
The flowers in Purple Haze are great, but I can't imagine flowers in the grungy gear files. Love both kits, but In Gear is the one I'll probably use first. I have very little for my teen son's recent photos, and your preview looks wonderful. Love you family LO, too. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Freebies, knabbed both paarts of purple haze and in gear - LianeZ

Chris Allport said...

You are so generous. Two freebies on the go at once.

It is nice to have something for boys, dads, grandads.

Thank you so much.

KatherineWoodin said...

I really enjoy kits to use with boys as I have eighteen grandsons and only nine granddaughters. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Wow, Im really lovein the new kit - great for outdoorsy too. Love it Caz, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing! ~Crabcakes

Deanna said...

Love your IN GEAR kit! I don't think it needs flowers either...I'm a little late with my comment, but just d/l all the parts this morning! Thank you SO much!