Friday, October 8, 2010


have you missed me!! Here are some pics to show you what we have been up to over the last couple of weeks! We started a vege garden! Some time ago, Gary had started fencing off an area out the back for a vege garden, but hadn't got very far. So I thought that we should finish it and get it planted. We decided to go for slightly raised beds, these being created using 2.4 X .2 X .5mt sleepers which we turned on their sides. The beds are 2.4mts X 1.2mts and we have dug up underneath to remove all the weeds and then topped up the beds with a vege garden mix from Australian Native Landscapes. Sleepers and hardware came from Bunnings.

We began with the thought of three beds, but this quickly grew to four!

Frames set up for peas and beans!

We are expecting a huge locust plague this season, so we are preparing the beds to be covered with netting to protect the seedlings from being eaten! We have hammered in 2 poles at either end of the beds and then pushed over 4mts of polypipe to create an arc. This will hold the netting away from the growing plants.

Sweetcorn, burpless cucumbers, apple cucumbers and brown onions

Lettuces, silverbeet, perpetual spinach and capsicums

Carrots, spring onions, leeks, celery, cherry tomatoes and tomatoes
Cabbages, cauilflowers and brussel sprouts

Netting to protect our investment. We ended up expanding the garden to almost twice it's original size and now have lots of pots with Herbs in them and a 2.4mtr square bed for potatoes as well!

We decided to take one of the smaller rooms as our bedroom and changed our bedroom into my sewing room. This has made my sewing room a huge area, about 6mts X 4mts and so full of light. It was in the middle of a line of bedrooms before, one of which is my scrapbook room and the other a guest room. We are now in the guest room and the guest is in the darker room in the middle. It is great not to have to turn on a light just to see in the room, and I have so much space for cutting out and working! just wonderful. Now I just need my machines back from being serviced and I am ready to roll!
so..... as you can see I have been really busy these last couple of weeks, I havent fogotten you, my readers looking for freebies! Just had other things to think about! I am still working on a "Fall" kit but it taking a while to put together, but it will be worth waiting for as it is HUGE!
Have a wonderful day wherever you are!


Anonymous said...

Wow Caroline what an awesome garden you have made - Wish I had the room and the climate to make one so nice.
Fantastic layout and I like the idea of the netting will have to remember how you did that - Good luck with your harvest!
Hugs, Robbi

Yep weve missed you too!

jzayler said...

What a nice garden - we're getting ready for snow here in Michigan so its nice to see some little seedlings. Love the sewing room too!

paperlady-Joan said...

Wow, you have really been busy. What a fantastic garden area. You will certainly enjoy all those wonderful veggies. And what a lovely sewing room you now have.

Monkey Toes Too said...

Fantastic garden area. I never would have thought of the netting. My husband would never give up our bedroom unless we were moving.

Sharon said...

Caz, Your raised beds look great. We just redid our beds as well. I need to take pictures. You know, we ended up with more boxes then planed as well. LOL!

grammadiane said...

Hey Caz...We did exactly the same thing....We got plenty of Tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and peppers....We just love gardening but didn't have much luck til we made our boxes....They look exactly like yours....Great way to garden !! Our garden is all done for now so we are pulling everything and preping it for next spring....Good Luck with yours....BTW we had to put fencing around ours to keep the deer and Woodchuckes out....

Lisa Avolio said...

Wow! What a wonderful garden. It will save so much work in years to come.
Congrats on switching the bedrooms around. You have been busy!

Keryn said...

Oh boy, you have been busy. Love your bright airy sewing's so much better having natural lighting isn't it.

Your vege gardens are fantastic. I am waiting for our ground to dry out before I plant seedlings. After having 280ml (over 10 inches) of rain last week everything was slightly soggy.

What a great idea to stop the locusts attacking your crops.

Have a great week,

Keryn x

Anonymous said...

As far as your new sewing room it just rocks. Great sight and photos love love love it and the same goes for your art and garden....