Monday, May 9, 2011

Make The Cut software

so how many of you that use personal cutters have heard of Make The Cut. I hadn't until a little while ago when suddenly they hit the news as Provocraft (makers of Cricut cutters) were suing them. So I read up on the software and decided it wasn't for me as, although it cuts SVG files, it didn't cut to my KNK Maxx ... that was until just now.... Now this software has a Plugin you can download that enables you to cut SVG files directly to your KNK ! This is wonderful. There are so many sites out there in the WWW that have designs in SVG format, that until this Plugin was created, meant that I had to go through several stages to get the file in my KNK software to use it. Too much hassle for me, which cut out a large number of files that I loved.

You can try this software out for free, even cutting to your cutter, although a diagonal line will be cut through your file until you make the purchase and register your software. I decided to give it a try... and it worked perfectly!! So I took the plunge and made the purchase... my Mother's Day pressie to me LOL

There are a few sites that you can purchase this software from and it is certainly available for a great price at the moment, but I found a fantastic deal at Scrappy Dew. You get the same fantastic price offered everywhere else, BUT... contact Scrappy Dew after finalising your purchase through them and they will send you a link to download every collection that they have on site, over $90 worth! but only for the month of May. So.... if you are looking at this software for your cutter, head over to Scrappy Dew and snap up a bargain!

no affiliation, just one happy customer!

Have a wonderful day wherever you are!

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