Monday, March 21, 2011

Fishing success!

It's not often that Gary goes fishing and actually catches something. He firmly believes that he couldn't land a fish in a puddle LOL

and it looked as though the trip to the dam was going to have the same result. Nicholas and Gary were on the water for about 4 hrs before they decided to call it quits with no results. Pulling the boat ready to load and they met some guys that pointed them in the right direction, they took the plunge (haha) and set off to try once more. Apparently they hit the fish jackpot! No sooner had Nicholas dropped in a line, than he was pulling in a redfin. Gary managed to catch a few as well and they came home with about 40 redfin. Some of them were too small to keep but these fish are an introduced species, so cannot be returned to the water, so they have to kill and dispose of any fish they don't keep. You cannot throw them back even if they are dead, so bad are these fish at eating all our native species out of house and home.

For my American readers..... this is our Tinny, a 3.3 metre aluminium boat with an 8hp outboard motor.

A bag full of fish!

Preparing to clean and gut! One tried to get away... can you see it ?

All cleaned, and heads chopped off. What an amazing job. While Gary cleaned and gutted, Nicholas rang me on the mobile and he could barely contain his excitement about their catch! So happy to hear that in his voice.

I asked Gary to try filleting the fish as I am not that good with whole fish, and we don't often get fresh fish to eat anyway. He did his best and by the time he got to the last of the three he chose to work with, he was doing a great job! I then floured, egged and crumbed them and this is the result. I have to say... they were delicious and even Nicholas (not keen on fresh fish) ate them all. I cant wait to try out different things with the rest of them now :)

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have a wonderful day wherever you are!


makeyesup said...

Wow, that sure is exciting when you can catch that many. Never heard of these fish, sounds like they were good eating thought.

jzayler said...

Fishing is fun as long as the fish 'cooperate'.

paperlady-Joan said...

So glad Gary and Nicholas had such a successful fishing trip. The fried fish look yummy. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Lisa Avolio said...

Way to go, guys! What a great catch. I think the work of cleaning and cooking would make me stop at 5 fish, though!

Lisa Avolio said...

Oh- and thanks for explaining "Tinny" for us. :)

Ileana said...

I love your tinny. We have a similar one but ours is just a boat--such a boring name.