Monday, March 31, 2014

More Sewing

and so to Sew.... I have being doing some more sewing in the last couple of weeks. I have made Lachlan some great pants. These have a folded rib knit waistband which I have never sewn before but I love the comfy feel of the waistband, so I have a couple more cut out for Ryan and another pair for him.

These are from Puperita on Etsy. I love her patterns, so easy to follow and the results are fantastic. She is also amazing to deal with. This pattern is her Nightfox pants sized 18mths to 10 years. These pants are a size 4. The fabric I used is a cotton I purchased from Bugaloo Basics . I also had enough fabric to make the boys some boxers (Steve and BJ) . For BJ I used Fishsticks Designs Boy Oh Boy Boxers. This is a fabulous pattern that goes from sizes 2 to 14yrs which is great. Not many Designers out there in PDF land go up as high a size as this. Steve's boxers came from Hey There Threads, an Australian Designer whose work I love. These were her Basics Collection and are the "short short relaxed fit" option. So many different options with this pattern I am sure I will use it a lot! .

Boy Oh Boy Boxers

Basics Collection Shorts

I can't help myself though, I do love sewing for girls, even if I don't actually have one to sew for. I have decided that my Patti Playpal dolls will be the best dressed dolls around. I love these more traditional style of dress patterns from Olabelhe. My girls wore a lot of dresses and pinafores when they were little and these dresses make me very nostalgic. This pattern is Meg's Dress and Pinafore . It was an easy sew. The biggest issue I had was trying to sew the pinafore and the dress at the same time without reading the instructions properly, my fault entirely, as I topstitched the Pinafore bodice before actually noticing that I hadn't sewn the yoke together on the wrong side properly. So I decided that rather than unpick all that stitching, I had enough fabric left to make a new yoke and do it again, only the right way this time. :)

The bodice of the dress and the pinafore.

Dress and Pinafore front view

Side view

The one thing I would change when sewing this pattern out again is I would leave off the buttons on the pinafore. Both items have 3 buttons on them, although I ran out of room to have the third button on the pinafore once I have sewn on the skirt. The button on the pinafore are unnecessary as it is an open pinny and can be dropped over the child's head without the need to undo buttons. Buttons on both pieces does make for a bulkier back yoke.

Well, I think that's all for now.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are!

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Diya said...

These tiny garments for little ones are so cute:)