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Another Beautiful Grandson to Love

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So sorry to all who follow my Blog... I have been, and will be, absent for a while. A week or so ago our landlord dropped a bomb on us, giving us less than 30 days to vacate his house we are renting as he needs to offer it in a package deal to entice a new Farmhand to come and work for him and his son. This, as you can imagine, was a huge shock! Where were we to go, and how were we going to fit in all our stuff into a normal sized house !

Fortunately, he did give us a couple of names to contact and one led to us finding a small 3 bedroom farmhouse that the owners were not only willing to rent to us, but also for Gary to add on a room to the side of the house giving us a 6mt X 11mt family room, giving us some room to fit in our stuff. We also found out we have til the end of April to move out of here and so this gives us enough time to repaint the house (it had been painted burgundy suede, pink, sponged purple and splotchy yellows) and for Gary to build the extension. So..... every day we are out at the new house, cleaning and painting and measuring and building .... and after that... I am waaaaaay too exhausted to even think Card Templates.

hang in with me for a couple of months and I will be back!!

Have a wonderful day wherever you are!


makeyesup said...

Good luck on the new home. Don't overdo and get yourselves ill. Glad you got the extra time before you have to move.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Good luck and enjoy the change...you never know you may come up with some cutting file ideas after this is over. Looking forward to seeing you when you return. Thanks for your generosity and wonderful blog.

paperlady-Joan said...

Hope that the move is progressing well. I've been thinking of you.